Solarfun Introduces Eclipse With Reduced LID

Solarfun Power Holdings Co. Ltd. announced the introduction of Eclipse, a new line of PV cells and modules with reduced light induced degradation (LID). The largest percentage of degradation of PV modules occurs during the first day of sun exposure.

Solarfun said that Eclipse reduces the impurity concentration in cells, therefore reducing the relative LID to about 1% from 2% to 3%, or less than 2W compared to about 4W to 5W for a 180W module equipped with standard cells. This results in an increase in electricity generation of about 1% to 2% more power over a one-, five-, 10-, and 25- year period when compared with standard modules.

“We have devoted considerable resources and management attention to develop and produce differentiated products. We are proud to introduce this innovation in our new ‘Eclipse’ line with reduced LID. The advance is made possible by our vertically integrated manufacturing model and ability to control the quality of raw materials throughout the production process. By adjusting chemical properties in both the ingot-making and cell-processing phases of manufacturing, we have achieved a low concentration of impurity while still maintaining high yields,” said Peter Xie, president of Solarfun.


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