SolarCity Supplies 2.7 MW of Energy

SolarCity announced that it has met the goals to date for its community solar program across the state of California. In the 16 months since the program’s inception, the program has provided 2.7 megawatts (MW) of renewable energy to homeowners across the state.

SolarCity first created the the program in 2006 in order to create financial incentives for neighborhoods to “go solar together.” Through economies of scale and the efficiencies realized in centralizing equipment and employees, SolarCity offers discounts of up to 25 percent off market rates, and installs soon after orders are placed if neighborhoods meet program criteria. The most recent program came to a close in Long Beach where 50 homeowners purchased a total of 175 kilowatts of solar capacity, more than double the amount city residents purchased in all of 2007. This represents the largest number of homes to go solar in a four-month period in the city’s history.

“This clearly demonstrates how SolarCity has managed to make solar more affordable to more people,” said Mary Barton, who promoted the Long Beach program among neighbors and purchased a system herself. “Knocking down financial barriers to adopting clean energy has helped empower our community to come together and make a real difference fighting climate change.”


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