Solar to Electricity in Glass Windows is Patent Pending

Octillion Corp., through a sponsored research agreement with the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign, is developing new nanosilicon photovoltaic (PV) solar cell technology that could adapt glass windows to be able to generate electricity from sunlight.

The process can occur without losing significant transparency or requiring major changes in manufacturing infrastructure. Octillion Corp. has moved ahead on developing nanosilicon PV solar cell-based glass windows with this capability, including developing a protocol for reliable deposition of nanofilms of metal on a glass window substrate prototype, planning an electro spray system that deposits thin films of fluorescent silicon nanoparticles, and showing that the silicon nanoparticles retained their high efficiency. The nanosilicon PV solar cells are created through an electrochemical and ultrasound process that produces identically sized (1 to 4 nanometers in diameter) highly luminescent nanoparticles of silicon that provide varying wavelengths of photoluminescence with high quantum down conversion efficiency of short wavelengths (50% to 60%). When thin films of silicon nanoparticles are deposited (sprayed) onto silicon substrates, ultraviolet light is absorbed and converted into electrical current. With appropriate connections, the film acts as nanosilicon PV solar cells that have the potential of converting solar radiation to electrical energy.


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