Solar Thermal Manufacturing Facility Destined for Nevada

Solar thermal company Solargenix announced they will locate a new 65 MW module facility in Southern Nevada for the production of their solar thermal collectors. The company provides a range of solar thermal technologies from simple residential rooftop hot water collectors to large commercial systems.

Employment at the facility is projected at 28 people, in addition to a number of jobs created through the building of the project including architectural, construction and engineering. This plant is slated for completion by January of 2007. Solargenix Energy is one of the latest businesses that have committed to a presence in Southern Nevada, a result of the Nevada Development Authority’s (NDA) goal of redirecting economic growth to Southern Nevada. “The Solargenix project is a great success for Southern Nevada and will make Nevada the second largest producer of solar energy in the country,” said Somer Hollingsworth, President and CEO of NDA. The primary strategic plan of Solargenix Energy is to design, market and manufacture, as well as install and maintain, solar systems incorporating proprietary and patented technology capable of producing hot water, steam or electricity for residential, industrial, institutional, commercial and utility customers. Solargenix Energy has acquired key licensing agreements, filed patents and registered trademarks on solar thermal collectors that cover operating temperatures from 120 F (48 C) to 750 F (398 C). They cover the complete range of solar thermal applications from solar water heating to power generation.
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