Solar System Can be Portable in 30 Minutes

A U.S. solar company has manufactured a PV-powered water pumping system that can be decommissioned and ready for transport in 30 minutes.

KINGSTON, New York, US, 2002-01-10 [] SunWize Technologies Inc designed four trailers as self-contained solar systems that control a permanent well pump, in addition to lighting for bathrooms and dressing rooms at the Tom’s Cove District of Assateague Island National Seashore near Chincoteague, Virginia. The units will be deployed in April 2002. Each half-horsepower pumping system provides 2,000 gallons of water a day to operate freestanding shower columns. The water comes from a 100 foot well with an average static water level of 5 feet below surface. The pumps deliver 8 gallons per minute and 20 PSI at the showerheads. They maintain water pressure with an electro-mechanical pressure switch, and a pressure tank is used for water storage. The system design provides reliability, low operational costs and reduced emissions to help the National Park Service meet its goal of protecting the environment and serving the public, say officials of the New York manufacturer. The electrical components are housed inside a utility trailer, which has windows to allow the public to see the solar system. The 16 Siemens SP75 PV panels on each trailer allow quick disconnection and relocation without special tools. The solar array can be placed in two positions for storing and deployment, and the entire system can be prepared for transport in less than 30 minutes by one person. The PV systems provide electricity for efficient lighting inside and outside the trailers, and in three dressing rooms and two bathrooms. The lighting fixtures are impact and corrosion resistant, and are controlled by timers.


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