Solar Start-up Hopes to Commercialize New Patents

Zia Power, an Albuquerque, New Mexico startup, has received an exclusive license to four patents from Sandia National Laboratories. The company hopes to raise US$ 10 million to relocate to New Mexico and use advanced patented technology to build a multicrystalline solar wafer and cell manufacturing plant. They are currently looking for an additional location to set up a planned 5 MW module manufacturing facility to develop its solar products. Zia Power is seeking US$10 M in Series A investments, and is working with Technology Ventures Corporation of Albuquerque. The company’s interim CEO and President Nathaniel Thompkins stated that he had spent several months this past summer working with the Zia Pueblo and the New Mexico State Economic Development Office. The company expects to achieve economies of scale with its increased silicon utilization and high-speed throughput manufacturing line.
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