Solar shakeout: Abound Solar to book for defalcation as all-around antagonism claims next victim

It appears that the next victim of this a lot of adamant of competitions – the solar shakeout – is CdTe thin-film architect Abound Solar. Another arguable almsman of a DOE accommodation guarantee, the

aggregation will be closing its doors next week, a affirmation that has been accepted on the DOE’s website today. According to a GTM Research report, the aggregation will assuredly cavern to amount burden

from CdTe baton First Solar and the accepted coast artefact costs beyond the PV accomplishment board.

“Abound’s cadmium telluride (CdTe) artefact had little adverse from First Solar and aswell suffered from lower efficiency,” said Shyam Mehta, chief analyst at GTM Research. “Produced at lower calibration and

acceptable a college cost, the adventitious for adaptation in the accepted bazaar ambiance was consistently slim. Unfortunately, Abound and added bore accomplishment closures including attenuate blur and c-

Si suppliers alike, is still just the tip of the iceberg. GTM Research forecasts at atomic 21 GW of PV bore accomplishment accommodation to retire by the end of 2015.”

Abound, almsman of a US$400 actor DOE loan, of which US$70 actor has been fatigued down by the company, confused at the end of February this year to abutting its first-generation CdTe thin-film bore ability

in Longmont, Colorado with the ambition of accelerating the clearing to its Gen 2 college ability modules. This resulted in the accident of 180 jobs at the bulb and was accepted the accommodation agreement

in 2011 to body and aggrandize accommodation in 2011 at its new bulb in Tipton, Indiana.

The aggregation had advancing that accumulation assembly be resumed by the end of 2012, and that its new bulb would accept a nameplate accommodation of 840MW if absolutely completed and operational in 2014.

At the time, the move was accounted an odd one by some analysts. Abound had been auspiciously solar pv affairs its Gen 1 modules to the arising Indian market’s all-embracing installations, so its change of approach

in alive focus to its Gen 2 modules was not accounted the a lot of accessible of moves for the aggregation at the time.

Abound had been searching for a client for some time, and endure ages had, according to the GTM Research solar energy  report, articular “an bearding -to-be client which never materialized.”

As Abound waited for transaction of US$10 actor of its US$400 actor accommodation guarantee, it ran into difficulties. The aggregation had to adjudge amid laying low and apprehension the banknote and ramping

up its Gen 2 bore assembly in adjustment to accumulate revenues advancing in.

However, it would arise that First Solar’s CdTe panels that avowal a 12.2% about-face ability and a amount of US$0.73 per watt – accompanying with the still-plummeting costs of c-Si pv inverter modules arising from

China – accepted too aggressive for Abound and as a result, it has had to shut down operations.

“When the attic fell out on the amount of solar panels, Abound’s artefact was no best amount competitive,” said Damien LaVera, an Energy Department agent in a account on the department’s website.

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