Solar Roofs to Top Car Dealerships

Volkswagen AG, based in Wolfsburg, Germany, has signed a co-operation agreement with BP Solar to promote the use of photovoltaic technology by equipping both new and existing VW car dealerships with solar roofs.

Wolfsburg, Germany – October 1, 2002 [] Incorporating solar power in their buildings is an important component of Volkswagen’s positive environmental policy, particularly in the area of CO2 emission reduction. By demonstrating a practical application of solar power, it is also hoped that the project will encourage broader interest in its use. “The project highlights the economic and ecological use of photovoltaic components as a modern and elegant building material,” said BP Solar architect Mechthild Winking. BP Solar will join Volkswagen’s building consultants, the Leonhadt Group, on both project engineering and execution. The aim is to complete the first 50 projects by the end of 2003.


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