Solar Race Earns Education Distinction

December 12, 2003 [] Technology and Learning Magazine has selected The Dell-Winston Solar Car Challenge as one of the Top 10 Most Innovative Projects in Education. The Dell-Winston Solar Challenge is an annual solar-car race that provides students from across the country and Mexico with hands-on experience in science and technology, using the program to develop important skills for the future. Editors at Technology and Learning, a leading publication for K-12 education technology leaders, selected programs based on common elements that included authenticity, collaboration, the use of critical-thinking skills, global implications, in-depth investigations and a high student motivation and engagement factor. The 2003 Dell-Winston Solar Car Challenge was won by the Houston, Miss., “Sundancer” team. The 9-day race began on July 15 at Dell’s headquarters in Round Rock, Texas, and concluded 1,500 miles later in Cocoa, Fla. at the Florida Solar Energy Center.
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