Solar PV/Thermal Concentrator Firm Signs More Deals

Only days after announcing a major supply of solar power to an agricultural firm in the United States, New Energy Corporation has signed an agreement with a packager of plastics.

LOS ANGELES, California, US, 2002-01-17 [] NECO will provide Andrew Martin Company Inc of Gardena with solar energy for a ten-year term. The contract includes a 220 kW High Concentrate Photovoltaic (HCPV) generator system, which will be delivered by the third quarter of this year. NECO claims to produce the only HCPV electric and thermal generators available on the market. It says the solar generators concentrate solar radiation by 500 times, have dual axis tracking to provide additional power, use higher efficiency solar chips to reduces system size and cost, and produce useful thermal energy. It says its concentrators have low maintenance and a 30 years life, and the units can be re-located and require half the space of other solar systems, with the lowest price per kilowatt in the industry. “Due to recent overwhelming demand for our product from the energy marketplace, we positioned to be extremely selective as to companies we sign to energy purchase agreements,” says president John McDonald. “We currently sign only those institutional accounts that fit within certain criteria, thus ensuring the fulfillment of our energy purchase agreements.” “This energy crisis has taken its toll on many companies within the plastics industry, including us,” explains Cliff Miller, president of Andrew Martin. “The high cost of energy, coupled with blackouts, caused havoc, particularly with the threat of molten raw materials cooling solidly inside our extruders and injection molders, stopping production.” “By substituting the majority of our fossil fuel derived energy with solar, we will be able to guarantee our customers timely and uninterrupted production of their product orders,” he adds. “When we made the decision to employ solar energy instead of fossil fuel derived energy, we researched all possible renewable energy solutions.” Andrew Martin was formed in 1957 to package plastics, using three product lines that are extruded in-house using food grade PVC compounds. On January 3, NECO signed a ten-year agreement with Teixeira Farms of Santa Maria to provide four 1-MW HPCV generators, also to be delivered by the third quarter of this year. Teixeira Farms is the third largest agricultural packaging firm in the United States, and officials said the first contract could expand to 100 MW. The company expects to see an immediate reduction of energy expenditures by 20 percent.
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