Solar PV Consultant Available in Greater Cincinnati Area.

After my first involvement with solar back in 1977 in the Oilfield Instrumentation and control industry (Dresser Industries) I kept abreast of changes in the business as my career moved through various phases.  As the economy spiraled in 2008 I realized it was time for my to take my BSEE, MBA and PROGRAM/PROJECT MANAGEMENT skills to the next level and merge them with Solar PV.  I earned my NABCEP Certification in April of this year, and have been working in this area since that time.  I have a website up at to promote my services to DIY solar enthusiasts who want to do solar, but don’t want to pay the high prices that commercial installers charge.  I provide information on how to do each phase of the project, where to shop, how to get permits, how to apply for certification as a renewable energy generating source, and how to sell their SRECs. Using my assistance it’s possible to create solar arrays on their residences for $3 or less per watt, and still be in compliance with the NEC and NABCEP guidelines.  I also work with other local solar companies as both a consultant and laborer (as the job may require) to keep me employed as much as possible.

I see much noise made about the growth in the solar industry, and see occasional projects sprouting up, but from the “inside” I can tell you it’s just a challenging as it’s ever been to promote, sell, and CLOSE new solar sales/installations as it’s ever been.  I’m a firm believer in Solar PV and have arrays on both of my homes to prove my dedication.

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BSEE, MBA-marketing, CPM, NABCEP Solar PV Certified. 62 years old, now working as a solar consultant in the greater Cincinnati Northern Kentucky area. Play in a rock band, enjoy working on my 67 Mustang Coupe, and flying large RC Airplanes competitively.

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