Solar Powered Water Distillation System Completed in Greece

Wastewater or seawater wouldn’t normally be a first choice for something to drink, but Millennium Electric T.O.U. has completed a solar powered photovoltaic (PV) water distillation system that can take either non-potable liquid and purify it. The research and development project is almost 70 sqm in size including the PV solar collectors and distillation device. It is capable of making over 10,000 liters of pure water daily.

Herzliah, Israel – August 4, 2004 [] Heraklion, the capital of Crete, is home to the project. One of Heraklion’s major crops is olives, and the distillation system can process the wastewater from the production plants. Funding and support for the project was approved by the Commission for the European Community approved funding and support for the project. The commission had requested a solar solution for distillation as part of the Cooperative Research Program to advance renewable energy technology. The project was valued in a range of euro 413,000 (US$ 498,000). Millennium collaborated with other European participants, and received euro 60,000 for their work on the system. “The objective of this project is to further develop our world-class solar (power) technology, and to continue to develop a new generation of advanced solar energy applications. This new project by the European Commission will help move this technology into the next phase and bring in the next generation of green energy,” President of Millennium Electric Ami Elazari said.
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