Solar-Powered Hydrogen Project for Nevada

The University of Nevada Las Vegas Research Foundation (UNLVRF) awarded a contract to Wallingford, Connecticut-based Proton Energy Systems, a company which specializes in on-site hydrogen generation products and fuel cell technology, for the delivery of a solar-powered hydrogen system.

Las Vegas, Nevada – November 11, 2003 [] Proton will cost share 50 percent of the US$1,376,640 contract award and can receive up to $688,320 in payments from UNLVRF. The award will aid in the development of a solar-powered system that produces hydrogen fuel from water using a Proton Exchange Membrane, or PEM, hydrogen generator. Proton will design, build, integrate, and commission the hydrogen system utilizing its HOGEN RE hydrogen generator and a purchased PV solar panel array and storage tank. Project completion will be expected by late 2004. “We believe we have brought together a team that can get this project done within the time frame dictated by our grant,” said Tom Williams, Executive Director of UNLVRF. “We appreciate the support we have received from Senator Harry Reid in our efforts to pursue clean energy projects. This project will take us one step closer to a hydrogen-based economy.” The goal of this contract, which is sponsored under a “Hydrogen Filling Station” grant from the U.S. Department of Energy, is to demonstrate a possible pathway to zero-emission hydrogen fuel. “This is one more step toward a vision of creating a non-polluting, non-depleting energy pathway,” said Proton Energy Systems CEO Walter Schroeder. “Nevada, with its abundant solar resource, is a perfect demonstration environment for turning sunlight into fuel.”
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