Solar Power Without Current Conversion

When Nextek Power introduced their “Direct Coupling” technology several years ago, the concept of a grid-connected, inverter-less PV system was met with skepticism, according to Mark Robinson, the company’s VP of Sales & Marketing. Nextek claims their approach is easier and more efficient because they avoid inverter losses, net-metering complexities, and interconnection requirements.

August 23, 2004 [] The Nextek System uses power where, when, and how it is generated. DC power from PV systems is put to use in DC appliances such as lighting instead of being converted to AC power. Nextek said they have completed a number of successful installations in grocery chains and big-box retailers. They have now received funding for a study of their technology in the form of a side-by-side comparison between an inverter-based system and a Nextek system with identical PV arrays and loads. The company now needs a recognized industry expert to validate their planned installation and certify the results. Nextek has now issued a Request For Proposal and Statement of Work (see link below). For demonstration of the technology, see the company’s link at the second of two links below.
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