Solar Power Taking Hold in Greece and Middle East

Two companies formed a joint venture to manufacture and distribute Pyron Solar systems in Greece and the Middle East. The agreement includes the initial sale of nearly 1 megawatt (MW) of systems from Pyron Solar to Lion Energy for delivery in 2007.

As the new systems are brought online in 2007, the joint venture intends to establish manufacturing capabilities for elements of Pyron Solar systems in Greece. Lion Energy will purchase entire systems from Pyron Solar to develop utility scale solar farms. The integration of the Boeing-Spectrolab multi-junction solar cell will continue to occur at the Pyron facilities in San Diego, California. The Greek energy market is supported by a new renewable energy law that provides a feed-in tariff guaranteed to increase in line with electricity prices over 20 years, and grants for up to 45% of system costs. “The joint venture with Lion Energy is an important part of our global strategy to build manufacturing and distribution agreements in key markets that enjoy support from policy and legislation that enhance the returns on utility scale renewable energy projects,” said Doug Carriger, CEO of Pyron Solar, Inc.
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