Solar Power RFP

The town of Boulder City, Nevada recently issued a request for proposals for solar power facilities to be erected in Eldorado Valley, south of Las Vegas.

RESPONSES ARE DUE AT 12 PM AUGUST 14, 2001. A copy of the request may be obtained from: Director of Public Works City of Boulder City 401 California Avenue Boulder City, NV 89005 Some background from the RFP: “5.1 The City of Boulder City currently has allocated three thousand acres for the development of an Energy Zone. The property, located in the Eldorado Valley, is approximately twelve miles south of the Route No. 93 / 95 interchange, and approximately two miles west of Route No. 95. Access to the site is by Eldorado Valley Drive.” “5.4 Infrastructure is present for solar energy development. El Dorado Energy, an electrical generating plant in Eldorado Valley, has constructed the infrastructure to provide 20 megawatts of access for solar energy to the grid for a Solar Energy project approved by City Council. This was part of an agreement with Boulder City for the privilege of building a plant in the a valley.” (Note, a 100 kW PV plant was installed when the 480 MW El Dorado combined-cycle gas turbine plant was built.) “6.2 Land Value: It is envisioned by the City that the Respondent will lease property from the City for the Solar Facilities. Currently the City believes that the land in the Energy Zone has a minimum value of twenty-five thousand dollars ($25,000) per acre. In addition, the City has established an eleven percent (11%) yearly return on leased property as the City’s requirement. Respondent needs to consider the value of property as part of the project cost in evaluating the viability of their solar project.”
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