Solar Power Protects Olympic Rowing Center

Just in time for the start of the Olympic Games three solar powered Fire Surveillance Systems were installed in Schinias near Athens. Thanks to remote, off-grid solar PV power, various observation positions around the Olympic Rowing Center have been equipped with the most up to date infrared-cameras, which can recognise; provide early warnings and aid in the combat against forest fire outbreak in this region which is vulnerable to forest fires.

Athens, Greece – August 17, 2004 [] Under commission of the Greek Government, the Athens based Solar Specialists AET Solion EPE installed three off grid solar systems. The installations come despite an earlier assessment from the environmental group Greenpeace that faulted the Greek Government and Olympic planners for not deploying enough renewable energy and undertaking other green initiatives. This system was installed because it could guarantee day and night optimal surveillance coverage. The surveillance equipment in all three surveillance stations is powered by off grid photovoltaic (PV) systems. Using the purpose-built Conergy SolarFamulus mounting system, three Conergy N 125 Solar Panels were installed on top of each of the three surveillance-containers respectively. The excess power generated during the day is stored in a battery, which is then available to ensure surveillance capability during the night. The surveillance stations were delivered already assembled and operational to their final locations. Due to their exposed position and the inaccessibility of the surrounding terrain, the AET installers were faced with specific challenges. In order to reach their present locations, two of the stations had to be delivered by helicopter. The Greek AET Solion EPE is the youngest subsidiary of the German solar application wholesaler distributor AET Alternative-Energie-Technik GmbH. The independent distributor of solar components is present European-wide, with subsidiaries in Germany, Spain, France and Switzerland as well as partnership representation in other countries. The combination of many years of experience, practical market knowledge and professional sales know-how has formed the basis for the success of AET.
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