SPI Video Coverage, Part 1

This week in Los Angeles 27,000 solar industry professionals gathered to show off their companies, hear from the experts, discuss issues plaguing the industry and conduct business. RenewableEnergyWorld.com conducted interviews with industry executives from all facets of solar: discussing topics such as commercialization of new technologies, manufacturing, policy, global markets, training, education and jobs.

Stephen Lacey conducted a roundtable discussion on what it takes to bring third and fourth-generation solar technologies to commercialization.  Play the video below to see the experts had to say on the topic.

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On the CSP front, Lacey spoke with Kevin Smith, CEO of the CSP developer Solar Reserve, about the company’s power tower technology.

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During the show, Jennifer Runyon sought answers to the jobs issue: asking if the industry will be able to deliver on the job promises that it has made over the years now that the U.S. unemployment situation has reached crisis mode.  She talked with representatives from the German solar market and that of Ontario market to see if policies in those countries should be seen as models for the U.S. She also spoke with executives from solar companies and other experts on how many jobs the industry has already created and how it might create even more in the future.  To hear about the Ontario market, play the video below:

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