Solar Power International 12′, “Event Host”


 This is the solar event of the year!  (and I would really like to be a part of it)  SPI 12’ is in Orlando Florida and will probably attract over 20,000 visitors and 1,200 exhibitors.  All of the most knowledgeable industry experts and cutting edge companies will be on hand to graciously share their insights into what is currently happening in the solar industry, where it is headed, and the products and legislation that will be taking us there. 


Videos, webcasts, blogs, news stories, and tweets all paint a nice picture and give a great feel for all things solar from your office desk and iPad at home, but being in person, in the middle of a 340,000 sq.ft showroom floor, with professionals from over 100 countries with actual products and prototypes surrounding you, is simply just on another level.  You will be amazed at the insights and experiences you can take away from this event that will continue to be useful for you all year.  I usually reference something from the 2011 show at least once a week, and have often realized the things I learned helped me to teach many different angles and ideas about solar I would never have considered otherwise.  And for all the extra ‘tech’ people, there is a slew of apps and services to keep you connected and in the loop of everything going on at the show.  Be prepared that there is A LOT to take in here.

So for anyone in the solar industry, interested in the solar industry, or just simply curious at the direction the world is heading, you should make a serious effort to attend the show this September.

I was lucky enough to make it down to Dallas last October on behalf of Enphase Energy for SPI 11’ and claim the title of “World’s Fastest Solar Installer”.  The other solar integrators I met there turned into some great friends that I still keep in touch with and even bounce ideas around with from time to time. 

I believe I’d make a great asset being a part of the ‘Solar Central’ booth.  Having a tremendous amount of hands on experience in the residential solar market from sales, to marketing, to install, and an eager appetite to learn all I can about large commercial and utility scale, coupled with my enthusiastic and cheerful attitude, I’m a win-win candidate.  And my deepest passion is to share as much solar knowledge as I can. 

The other perspective I can bring to the table is solely from my location.  Unlike the bigger chunks of the solar industry from out west, or even New Jersey, I’m in the heart of coal country and the Marcellus Shale drilling boom.  Seeing the attitudes and operations of these industries allows me to bring a unique perspective to the solar world that many people don’t have access to.  

For a bit more information about me, check out this legthy youtube, and please don’t mind the ‘Ummms’, (I’m working on that)


See you in Orlando?




– Adam

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