SPI Modules Get High Marks from CEC

Solar Power Inc. (SPI) announced that its 200-watt solar photovoltaic (PV) modules have been given one of the highest performance ratings ever awarded by the California Energy Commission (CEC). The modules were tested by Intertek, an independent, Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL) to determine real world performance characteristics.

SPI’s SP200 multi-crystalline module was tested using Photovoltaic USA Test Conditions (PTC) at the Intertek laboratories in Lake Forest to achieve the PTC rating. The CEC currently lists 20 modules that have been tested using the PTC test conditions.

The module is ranked number three by the CEC, placing it in the upper echelon of modules on the market today. The test results are used by the CEC to rank and rate solar module performance for the CEC’s California Solar Initiative (CSI).

Solar panel performance and output are an important part of the CSI rebate program. A higher performance rating qualifies for greater rebates on the part of home and business owners installing solar systems within the state of California.

“We are very pleased with the performance rating our SP200 module has been awarded by the CEC,” said Jack Patton, CTO for Solar Power, Inc. “The California solar market is growing, and having one of the top performing modules to offer Californians is significant. Our modules are being used across the state in a variety of applications that cover the spectrum of users from homeowners to commercial enterprises that include the Staples Center and Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles. This ranking is a reflection of our dedication to quality and is beneficial to all of our customers.”

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