Solar Power for Canadian University

Queen’s University and the Government of Canada are helping turn on the switch to solar power for the Kingston campus through the installation of a 20 kW photovoltaic (PV) solar array.

Kingston, Ontario, Canada – July 2, 2003 [] Dr. Tom Harris, Dean of Applied Science at Queen’s and Peter Milliken, Member of Parliament for Kingston and the Islands and Speaker of the House of Commons, launched the new energy system that will allow students and researchers to study photovoltaics solar power systems. While the new 20 kW system will provide some solar electrical power to the building, the project is intended to familiarize engineering students with the technology and promote renewable energy at the University level. The panels, arranged in four rows, will tilt outwards 20° from vertical to capture optimum sunlight while also acting as sunshades for the building’s windows. “This project shows how we all can play a part in reducing our greenhouse gas emissions and contribute to cleaner air – while demonstrating to Queen’s students, and all Canadians, the importance of technologies like solar power in finding solutions to climate change,” Milliken said. Natural Resources Canada, through its Photovoltaic and Hybrid Systems Program at the CANMET Energy Technology Center, managed the project and provided technical expertise. The Technology Early Action Measures (TEAM) component of the Government of Canada’s Climate Change Action Fund provided CAD$275,000 (US$203,000) to the project, and Queen’s matched this contribution. TEAM supports investments in technology projects to reduce emissions while sustaining economic and social development. “Our work with the Government of Canada on this project shows that, by pooling our efforts, we can make significant strides in addressing climate change,” Harris said. “It further establishes the university as a leading institution in alternative energy and is key to attracting forward thinking students and researchers in this field.” The project is also a result of collaboration with the following partners: ATS Automation Tooling Systems, ARISE Technologies, Ontario Power Generation, Solar Design Associates and Halsall and Associates.


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