Solar Power Chosen by Veterinary Clinic

GreenLight Solar installed a solar electric system on the south-facing roof space of the Loomis Basin Veterinary Clinic, a veterinary hospital east of Sacramento in Loomis, CA.

It is expected the custom-built solar parking structure will save more than $17,000 in utility costs during its first year of operation. The PV system is designed to run at a peak power capacity of 68.5 kW, supplying about half the clinic’s total electrical demand, and will produce 112,000 kW of power each year. The clinic used GreenLight Solar’s guidance on government incentives, including state and federal tax credits, which resulted in a 79% cost reduction; in all, savings will total $1.3 million over the life of the system. The clinic considered the solar deployment as a smart business practice because it will both eliminate emissions of more than 3.8 million lbs. of greenhouse gases and decrease the clinic’s reliance on fossil fuels.
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