Solar Power Campsites in England

July 11, 2003 []The Centre for Sustainable Energy (CSE), of Bristol, is supporting the installation of solar hot water heaters in camping and caravanning sites in Cornwall, Devon and Somerset. A campsite owner can apply for a grant towards the cost of installing solar hot water heaters for shower/utility blocks or swimming pools. Funded by the South West Electricity Board (SWEB) Green Energy Fund, with additional support of the county councils, the project aims to reduce the need to use conventional fossil fuels by using the free power of the sun to heat water at the sites, and thereby enhance the green tourism credentials of campsites. Solar water heating is particularly well suited to camp sites because they have most visitors taking showers when the sun shines most, so the demand for hot water coincides with the time that solar hot water heaters are at their most effective, according to Richard Hoggett, of CSE. By using the power of the sun camp sites will be able to reduce their fuel bills for water heating and they will also be helping the environment by burning less of the fossil fuels that contribute to the problem of climate change, said Hoggett.


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