Solar panels for MushyPea Towers!

The mushypea is getting solar panels. Yes, that’s right, I am taking the plunge… It has been in planning for a while but the UK government has finally announced a feed-in tariff for solar which will make it all affordable…

Okay, it might be 5-10 years late in coming, and some may complain that it won’t give enough support to large renewables (although others might say that this is exactly the point), and the targets are unambitious…….. but still! We have a feed-in tariff for electricity, and soon we will have one for heat too….. This is a positive step from DECC.

Small solar will get 41.3p/kWh… which is pretty respectable. More than I was expecting. So I am investing in a shiny new PV system for the roof of the house. I would have gone for solar thermal too, but we have no heat storage tank, and a brand new and highly efficient condensing boiler… so it would make no sense.

The system will be small, as our roof is quite small… probably 1.08-1.16 kWp… or there abouts.. believe it or not though, this should still provide about 55%-70% of our electricity throughout the year… and more if we can reduce our consumption.. ( we only use about 1400-1600 kWh per year).

Panels will be monocrystalline silicon, made by Sharp Solar in the UK….. (in Wrexham I think)….

Anyway, just thought I would share that, and I’ll let you know how we get on! Photos will be posted when the time comes!

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