Solar on the White House Campaign Heats Up

It’s happening. The effort to get solar back on the White House is getting national attention.

As you may know, the Solar-services company Sungevity rolled out an all-hands-on-deck effort last month to petition President Obama to install a solar PV system on the roof of the nation’s most important residence. The campaign is called “Globama.”

Our solar-marketing blogger Solar Fred of Unthink Solar has been pitching this idea for many months as well, encouraging companies to donate the labor and materials. That’s exactly what dozens of companies, including Sungevity, have said they would do. ::continue::

We were so jazzed up by the effort, we reached out to the Globama campaign to partner with them and help drive traffic to the petition. Now, many other organizations are on board, including the Solar Energy Industries Association. Just this week, SEIA’s President Rhone Resch was interviewed by ABC World News about the campaign. Watch the segment in the video linked below.

I know that the folks at Sungevity have made some great contacts in the Obama Administration. It sounds like he’s really interested in installing solar. But those involved say the effort needs more grassroots support and national attention before anything happens. To sign the petition and raise more awareness, go to

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