Solar Olympics in Greece

HELIODOMI S.A. will supply and install photovoltaic modules in the new offices of the Organizational Committee for the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens, Greece in 2004. This is a project that will promote ATHENS 2004 and Greece internationally in relation to environmental protection and Renewable Energy support.

ATHENS, Greece – April 18, 2002 [] The 160 kW capacity photovoltaic array will be installed on the existing “saw tooth” roof of the building which is ideal for the project because of its geometry and orientation. The photovoltaic modules will produce electricity to cover part of the building electrical needs, especially during peak hours. When the building is not in full use the excess electricity will be supplied to the electricity grid. The operation of the photovoltaic system will be continuously monitored with state-of-the-art methods, while solar parameters and the quantity of produced energy will be continuously displayed at the entrance of the building. The project is financed and supported by the owners of the building, the Organizational Committee for the Olympic Games ATHENS 2004 and HELIODOMI S.A. The owners of the building have already submitted an application for a power generation permit to the Greek Regulatory Authority for Energy. HELIODOMI S.A. is the first Greek company involved in the production of photovoltaic modules. The company is also active in implementing photovoltaic projects. Its shareholders are HELIODOMI S.A., one of the largest construction companies in Greece, and Energy Photovoltaics, Inc. (EPV), an American photovoltaic technology company. HELIODOMI S.A. is constructing a €25 million (US$22 million) manufacturing facility for amorphous silicon photovoltaic modules production in Northern Greece with an annual capacity of 5 MW. The facility will also be producing building integrated photovoltaics with an annual capacity of 1.25 MW. HELIODOMI S.A. already has a power generation permit for a photovoltaic power station of 400 kW that will be installed on the roof of its manufacturing facility.
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