Solar Legislation in Arizona Advances

March 11, 2004 [] Legislation for a commercial and residential 25% solar tax credit (with a property tax exemption) in Arizona has passed out of committee in the House and is headed to the floor for a final vote. HB2613, “Taxation; Solar Energy Equipment”, introduced by Rep. Graf and co-sponsored by Reps. Boone, Caruthers, Clark, Johnson and Pearce, passed the House Ways & Means committee 12 in favor, none opposed. The bill was heard in Appropriations and passed 13 in favor, none opposed, 4 absent, 2 passes. Another renewable energy bill, HB2526, Rep. Clark’s bill, has made it through Committee and will be on its way to the floor soon. HB2526 – Solar electricity; property tax classification – is the most important step forward in renewable energy in Arizona since the Environmental Portfolio Standard, according to the Arizona Solar Center. By reducing the property tax assessment ratio for businesses that generate at least 10% of their energy from solar from 25% to 16%, this bill would create a huge incentive for Arizona residents and business owners to install clean energy, add to the EPS, trade green credits, clean the air, create jobs and attract new business, said the group. Another development in Arizona is the continuing evolution of the Environmental Portfolio Standard. Recent discussion and support by the Commissioners is regards to increasing the percentage for renewable energy and adjusting the impact in ways that increase economic benefit to Arizona’s growing solar industry.
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