Solar Jobs Double in 5 Years

Solar panel installations have increased exponentially in the last year, but solar PV panels and solar installations are not the only areas within the solar market that have grown. Solar jobs have more than doubled in the last five years! In fact, there are more people working in the solar industry now than in traditional energy sectors such as natural gas and oil. This is great news as the solar market keeps expanding!

Solar Jobs Increase

The Solar Foundation, a nonprofit organization headquartered in Washington, DC, found that the solar industry added 35,000 jobs in 2015 which is a 20% increase from the previous year. This is in stark contrast to non-renewable energy firms. The oil and coal firms cut around 17,000 extraction jobs last year. Solar companies are experiencing the direct opposite of job decline. The demand for solar employees is so great, according to Chris Gorrie, campus president of the Ecotech Institute, solar companies are begging to fill job slots because they are growing so quickly.

Todd Valdez, who started his own solar company agrees with this testament. He states, “Our workload has grown tremendously! The solar industry is a good place to go now if you’re looking for a career change.”

Currently, there are 209,000 solar energy employees in the United States alone. They include photovoltaic cell designers, solar engineers, solar panel installers as well as solar sales specialists and managers.

Solar tax credits & lower price for solar PV panels drive solar job demand

There are a few key developments pushing the job surge in solar. The biggest driver is the generous solar tax credits that make solar systems more accessible and cost-effective. Businesses and homeowners are eligible for a thirty percent tax credit when they decide to install solar PV panels on their roofs. South Carolina also offers an additional 25% tax credit so you can receive a massive 55% off your solar power system. Another reason is the large drop in solar panel price and  solar equipment costs. Solar panel cost is down by nearly 70% since 2010 which makes the switch to solar even more attractive to homeowners.

Declining costs and strong solar  incentives for homeowners to install solar PV panels on their roofs will only continue to drive the demand for more solar workers.


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