Solar Inverters Supplied for Reunion Island and Czech Republic

Biel, Switzerland [] The largest French photovoltaic (PV) solar power installation went into operation on Reunion Island, a French territory, in the end of December; the roof-mounted system has a rated output of one megawatt (MW). With system design yield expected to be 1300 kilowatt hours per kilowatt, three 300-kilowatt SolarMax inverters are responsible for the feed-in. Also, in the Czech Republic, due to an investment subsidy by the European Union, a 600-kilowatt PV system went online in Busanovice at the end of January. The grant covers 35 percent of the costs of the investment, and the solar electricity is remunerated at 49 eurocents per kilowatt hour over 15 years; this free-standing system is equipped with two SolarMax 300 C inverters. This is Sputnik’s first project in the Czech Republic to use central inverters.
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