Solar Installers Needed in Connecticut

The Connecticut Clean Energy Fund (CCEF) has issued a request for qualifications (RFQ) for firms to install solar photovoltaic (PV) systems in private residences in Connecticut.

The Fund is seeking additional installers as part of its Residential Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Program, which provides rebates of $5 per Watt, up to $25,000 per household, for homeowners who install PV systems. The program, announced just a year ago, has met with great success. More than 65 Connecticut homeowners have used the program to install solar PV systems efficiently and affordably. CCEF operates the program through “Eligible Installers,” who are screened by CCEF to be the responsible party under the program. They must meet all the terms and conditions of the program as well as being responsible for obtaining all permits, complying with all national, state and local codes and standards, and installing and interconnecting the PV system with the local distribution company. “Eligible installers” can solicit customers, with the rebate opportunity as an incentive. Once a customer decides to purchase a system, the installer submits an application on behalf of the customer to CCEF. If the application meets all requirements, CCEF notifies the installer that the rebate has been reserved. CCEF inspects the completed system and, if it meets all requirements, issues the rebate to the installer. CCEF has had a list of eligible installers for some time, but the high demand for the program has made recruiting new installers necessary. “We are delighted with the success of the Residential Solar Program,” said Dale Hedman, director of project development, Connecticut Clean Energy Fund. “The enthusiastic response of Connecticut citizens demonstrates that this state is active in adopting clean and renewable energy technologies.” Prospective eligible installers can obtain more information and application forms at the website following the story or by calling CCEF at (860) 563-0015.
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