Solar Initiative for Fort Collins, Colorado

Northern Colorado residents will soon be learning more about solar energy thanks to a new grant from the Department of Energy. The “Million Solar Roofs” grant has been awarded to a local partnership comprised of environmental non-profit, Trees, Water & People; the Platte River Power Authority; the City of Fort Collins; the Sierra Club; Western Area Power Administration; and the Northern Colorado Renewable Energy Society.

Fort Collins, Colorado – February 9, 2004 [] Million Solar Roofs (MSR) is a US Department of Energy initiative, designed to achieve the installation of solar energy systems on one million U.S. buildings by 2010. The initiative includes two types of solar technology: solar electric systems (photovoltaic) that produce electricity from sunlight and solar thermal systems that produce heat for domestic hot water, space heating, or heating swimming pools. In Northern Colorado, the Million Solar Roofs partnership will be working in 2003/2004 to improve awareness of solar energy alternatives and to create a plan to remove the political, economic and social barriers, which prevent residents from pursuing solar energy alternatives. The Northern Colorado program partners hope this work will help them to achieve their ultimate goal of 500 new solar installations by 2010. The renewable energy movement in Northern Colorado has been building in momentum over the past several years, leading to the establishment of a local wind farm, resolutions on balanced energy supply and various community events including a Solar Home Tours, a Sustainable Living Fair and monthly talks on renewable energy topics. The City Council of Fort Collins has also recently passed a resolution to reduce per capita electric consumption by 10% by 2012 and reduce peak per capita demand by 15% by 2012. This resolution requires the city to purchase 15% of its total electric portfolio from renewable resources, in addition to the hydropower that is already being utilized, by 2017. The Department of Energy has recognized these achievements in awarding the region a grant to institute a Million Solar Roofs program in the area.
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