Solar Industry Preparing for California Solar Initiative

As the start date for the California Solar Initiative (CSI) approaches, members of the solar business community are getting ready to make the change from a capacity-based payment structure to a performance-based incentive (PBI) structure.

“We’ve done the best we can, but a lot of it is coming really last minute. So we’re scrambling to try to integrate what we think all the changes will be into our business processes,” said Borrego Solar Systems’ Chief Marketing Officer Michael Hall, speaking on’s Inside Renewable Energy podcast. Changes to rebate pricing, energy efficiency requirements, metering requirements, and the application process will affect how solar companies do business in the state. With only three weeks left until implementation of the CSI, businesses need to be aware of how the market will change after January 1, 2007. For a special report on the potential impact of the California Solar Initiative, listen to the Inside Renewable Energy Podcast linked below.
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