Solar in SIX WORDS and HAIKU

In June 2015, PV and ME published a blog post aimed at you. It requested your submissions of solar stories – but told in tales of just SIX WORDS.

The response was underwhelming — only four offerings from two people.

Philippe Hartley sent three six-word PV stories, including:
“Clean” is popular, but “cheaper” rules.

And Cathy Sims boiled solar down to its financial essence:
Sun won’t send you a bill

Now PV and ME has decided to return to the idea of your submissions, paring down solar to its soul — this time not only in SIX WORDS, but also as HAIKU.

Haiku, as many of you know, is a form of Japanese poetry, traditionally telling poetic thoughts in a verse of 17 syllables, divided into three lines of 5-7-5 syllables. An example of a haiku on the solar theme could be:

the sun is solar
the rays awaken panels
and inverters hum

Or perhaps of a technical nature:

glass-to-glass modules
bifacial cells excelling
silicon times two

Or economics:

Pure solar business
where profit is more than cash
but bankruptcies loom

So this time, “overwhelm” PV and ME with tales of solar in SIX WORDS or in the poetry of HAIKU.

Thank you

(Six words):
William P. Hirshman, PV and ME
william p. hirshman
but what is his middle name?
submit tales – he tells

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