Solar Hall of Fame Names Lane and Ford 2006 Inductees

Gainesville, Florida [] Thomas H. Lane of ECS Solar Energy Systems, Gainesville, Florida, and Freeman Ford of FAFCO, based in Chico, California, were named as the 2006 inductees to the Solar Hall of Fame. The Solar Hall of Fame is an international award that was created by an Act of Congress sponsored by the Honorable John R. Foley, Esquire during the 1976 Bicentennial of the United States of America in Washington, DC. Since then, this award has been given to 45 men and women from around the world. The first inductees in 1976 were Dr. Charles Abbot, Dr. Erich A. Farber, Dr. John Yellot and Dr. Harry E. Thomason. The international trademark obtained for the Solar Hall of Fame reads, for “Promoting Excellence in the Field of Solar Energy Utilization through Public Testimonials and Tribute to Outstanding Contributors in the Field of Solar Energy.” Call Dr. Erich A. Farber, Ph.D., (Distinguished Service Prof. EM), Solar Energy & Energy Conversion Lab (SEECL) at the University of Florida with inquiries at (352) 372-1064.
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