Solar Firm Targets the Building Integrated Market

XsunX, announced that in its drive toward the commercialization and licensing of its technology to produce transparent solar electric glass and films, the company has officially launched its commercial development efforts.

Aliso, Viejo, California – January 12, 2004 [] The company is now preparing to bring the opportunity for an entirely new group of solar electric products to the forefront of the Building Integrated Photovoltaics “BIPV” industry. “Specifically, we are working with our patented technologies to deliver a licensable process for the manufacture of solar electric glazings for use in the glass, optical film and plastics industries,” said Tom Djokovich, CEO of XsunX. “These industries typically depend on innovation to expand markets and the advantages that XsunX transparent solar cell technology may soon deliver are not only quite clear but also much anticipated.” There are still a number of testing and development processes that will require completion prior to the company offering license opportunities for its technology. XsunX anticipates offering beta product testing and development relationships to various manufacturers later this year. The company believes that its patented solar electric glazing technology has a number of major market opportunities in the multi-billion dollar worldwide architectural glass, optical film and plastics markets. The company plans to take advantage of this commercial opportunity to provide governments, developers, businesses and architects with a commercially viable method for converting today’s large areas of architectural glass into virtual power plants.
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