Solar Factory Planned for Los Angeles

Los Angeles solar expert, Joel Davidson, has announced plans to hire up to 65 workers to manufacture solar electric panels.

LOS ANGELES, California – June 19, 2002 [] “The Department of Water and Power and State solar rebates plus increased interest in solar for homes and businesses are the right combination to create much needed jobs in Los Angeles,” said Davidson, President and CEO of Spectrum Solar. The solar factory will produce solar cell modules and panels that convert sunlight to electricity with no pollution or moving parts. “The cash rebates are a powerful incentive to buy a solar electric system now,” said Greg Johanson, a licensed solar contractor and Spectrum Vice President. LADWP’s rebate program gives residential and commercial customers up to 85 percent toward the cost of a solar electric system that uses panels made in Los Angeles where Spectrum Solar will lease a building. Southern California Edison and other utility customers are also eligible for rebates, state solar tax credits and federal incentives. “Inflation-free solar electricity plus rebates, tax credits and accelerated depreciation give businesses a 7 year or shorter payback and an opportunity to put their money where their beliefs are,” said Davidson.
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