Solar Energy Firm to Focus on Three Products

A solar energy company in the United States has selected three projects that will be the corporate focus for the immediate future.

LOS ALAMOS, New Mexico – Of the projects undertaken during the past four years, Solar Energy Limited will focus on those that are closest to commercialization as “proof-of- theory” prototypes. All three have been satisfactorily built and tested in Los Alamos. Solarec is a project to use only solar energy to take carbon dioxide from the atmosphere to make commercial gasoline with electricity as a bi-product. The patented project comes from the Renewable Energy Corp and has a goal of generating electricity at less than 5 cents/kW and gasoline at less than $1/gallon, while reducing carbon dioxide content in the atmosphere. The second project, H20NOW, is a patent-pending project of Sunspring Inc which addresses the global problem of producing clean water from an inexpensive process so it can be used for agricultural purposes. The cost must drop below 50 cents/1,000 gallons (less than 13 c/m3) and H20NOW uses solar energy along with seawater to produce potable water. The third project is MECH (Motor, Expander, Compressor, Hydraulics) and is an engine or compressor that, at one-third the size and weight of a conventional internal combustion engine, can produce the same power, and has one-third more efficiency. The company says its other projects are on hold pending the commercialization of these three projects. It is trying to raise sufficient working capital funds to construct full-scale working models to test the efficiency of the concepts, based on data gathered from the proof of theory prototypes. The corporate goal is to become an ‘incubator’ of water and energy concepts, but officials say the range and scope of their projects were too varied and complicated for investors. It says it will allow other public companies to acquire, via a reverse merger, its SUNS and REEL activities, subject to proof that the public companies have the working capital to complete the projects. SEL would oversee the management of both SUNS and REEL and would receive half the equity of each acquiring public company. The company has also been working for the past year to comply with SEC filings in order to become a fully reporting company. The company’s immediate goal is to search out strategic joint-venture partners to aid in developing the projects more rapidly. An ideal partner for REEL would be coal-fired electric generating plants which emit 3.7 tons of carbon dioxide per ton of coal burned. SEL officials say the CO2 emission would be minimized and that commercial gasoline and electricity would be produced.

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