Solar Energy Could Provide 60,000 New Canadian Jobs

[] The Canadian Solar Industries Association (CanSIA) estimates in a report that there are currently about 1,000 jobs in the solar industry in Canada and that by 2025 this could grow to 60,000 jobs. This estimate does not include jobs relating to the exports of Canadian made solar collectors and components, which currently comprises the bulk of sales of Canadian made solar products. CanSIA said they undertook the study of the job potential of solar due to the current lack of information on the job potential in Canada of renewable energy technologies, and particularly of the various solar technologies. CanSIA’s report attempts to define the size of the job market in the solar industries and provides a preliminary forecast of the employment opportunities in Canada through to 2025. Derived from CanSIA member surveys and previous research, the report indicates that there are between 360-500 solar firms in Canada and that the industry currently employs between 900-1,200 people. Almost 70 percent of solar firms expect to hire more staff over the next two years with an average staff increase of 10 percent annually. For a copy of the full report, see the link below.
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