Solar Electrolyzer for Hydrogen Ordered

April 7, 2004 [] Hydrogen and fuel cell systems manufacturer Hydrogenics, announced that the National Research Council Canada (NRC) will take delivery of a HyLYZER electrolyzer, which will use solar power to make pure hydrogen from water. The electrolyzer, which is specified to produce 1.9 kilograms of hydrogen a day, will be delivered in the second quarter to the NRC Institute for Fuel Cell Innovation in Vancouver. The hydrogen produced will be compressed into storage containers for the building’s backup power system. The Hydrogenic’s President and CEO said that, “When we use a resource such as solar power to generate hydrogen as a fuel for fuel cell appliances and vehicles we have a truly renewable, non-polluting energy system.” The NRC Institute for Fuel Cell Innovation does strategic research aimed at advancing fuel cell science and technology and facilitating the commercialization of fuel cells.
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