Solar Dome to Help Unusual Earth Environment Park

A solar canopy has become one of new attractions at the Earth Centre theme park near Doncaster, South Yorkshire.

DONCASTER, England, UK, 2001-10-24 [] The Earth Centre is a 400-acre hands-on visitor attraction and country park that is built on the site of two coal pits which left 400 acres badly scarred, with polluted canals and river. The park was designed to use as little energy and water as possible, with gardens, buildings and indoor displays to demonstrate the benefits of a quality of life that does not harm people or the environment. The solar dome measures 45 by 80 feet and uses 250 PV modules to generate 80,000 kWh of electricity a year. It is made from European larch grown in an environmentally sustainable forest in Scotland, and will provide heating and lighting for the theme park. Any excess generation will be sold into the national grid. The Earth Centre park has been described as “A place of great ambition, a sort of living encyclopedia for the care of Planet Earth” by Landscape Architecture magazine. It has undergone a major upgrade aimed at boosting visitor numbers, which have been disappointing since it opened in 1999.
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