Solar Company Claims PV Efficiency Record

Global Solar Energy said they have built a large area solar module that converts 10.7 percent of the energy in captured sunlight into electricity, staking its claim to, what the company says is, the most efficient flexible thin film module ever built on a production line.

Tucson, Arizona – February 20, 2004 [] The module was produced Feb. 12 among a batch of photovoltaic (PV) material with an average conversion efficiency that exceeded 10 percent. On the same production line, Global Solar has built cells with conversion efficiencies up to 12.5 percent, demonstrating the further potential of its technology. “Achieving these levels of efficiency from our cost-efficient production process validates Global Solar’s decision to develop and commercialize this technology,” Global Solar President Michael S. Gering said. Global Solar was the first company to manufacture highly efficient flexible thin-film solar material for commercial and military applications, and its solar modules are based on materials and structures that have demonstrated the highest conversion efficiency of any thin film technology, said the company. Global Solar has high-rate, roll-to-roll production of thin-film PV and has initiated large scale manufacturing after successfully completing development and pilot scale production. The record-setting module produces 42.5 watts from an aperture area of four square feet, said the company. It was among a batch of solar material manufactured for use in Global Solar’s Military P3 modules, which provide portable power for soldiers. When folded for storage, the module is the size of a small notebook and weighs 2.3 lbs.
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