Solar Communities Initiative Kicks Off in CA

January 20, 2004 [] Vincent Beazel, the co-founder of Solar Communities, and provider of solar-powered street lighting through, has launched a new venture called Solar-Class Communities. This after-school/after-work project focuses on the promotion of Solar-Class Communities, as a standard for the building and trades industries for new and upgraded construction. Beazel says that any community can plan to upgrade to Solar-electric power and water affordably and hopes to persuade local businesses to use their existing utilities payments as a baseline for starting their own distributed power production. Beazel hopes to draw the interest of California’s new governor, who himself, has outlined ambitious goals for solar energy. Beazel, through Solar Communities, proposes a five-year plan to divert money from the utilities to the communities, to assist with local education and training young people in the fields of renewable energy. Solar Streets began as an after-school project, aiming to persuade the managers of stores to send the “Upgrade to Solar” proposals to the major corporate offices, and provide local contractors with electric bills. The program tries to facilitate the process for communities to start their own proposals for upgrading to all-solar electric within five years.
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