Solar Comes to Australian Capital School

A high school in the Australian Capital Territory is the first community building in the Canberra capital region to get the maximum grant under a federal program to install solar panels.

CANBERRA, Australia, AU, 2001-10-31 [] The Cambell High school receives the grant under the federal government’s Aus$31 million Photovoltaic Rebate Program to install a solar array on its assembly hall to replace coal generated electricity. “We all now know that there is human induced climate change,” says Parliamentary Secretary for the Environment Sharman Stone. “That is why the federal government is investing in new ways to meet our domestic and international commitments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions that are literally changing the weather.” “The new clean and green electricity generator will become part of the learning experience at the school and the community will also be able to track the performance of the solar array’s electricity production over the Internet,” adds Stone. The federal greenhouse program has helped to fund 3,000 solar panel alternatives for households and community buildings across Australia. “Not only is Campbell High School contributing to the greenhouse effort by connecting their 21 solar panels into the local electricity grid, but they are also using the solar array in their wider curriculum,” explains Stone. “Electricity generated by the solar cell array will be fed into the ACT electricity grid when demand is low, like during school holidays making sure that the sun’s rays power not just the local high school but the whole Canberra region.”
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