Solar Century CEO Encourages Action

Jeremy Leggett, Chief Executive of PV company Solar Century, has called on Britain’s Prime Minister to match his positive words on the environment at the Johannesburg summit with effective action at home to boost investment in renewables.

Johannesburg. South Africa – September 3, 2002 [] “At a time when the Government’s own UK Renewable Energy target of 10 percent by 2010 is seriously under threat, we need more than Summit “commitments” and statements of intent to beat the menace of global warming and for the UK to be competitive in the smart new clean energy industries that are being created around the world,” said Leggett. As a first step, Leggett is calling on the Prime Minister to increase the derisory additional £38 million (US$58 million) awarded to all sustainable energy technologies in the Treasury’s recent Comprehensive Spending Review. “If the Government is really serious about it’s own Renewable Energy targets, it needs to be investing at least ten times that figure across the different technologies between now and 2006,” he said. “An additional £350 million (US$542 million) shared among different sustainable energy technologies over the next four years would still be a tiny investment in overall government spending terms. But for solar PV for example, we need that sort of boost if we are going to begin to catch up with the German and Japanese solar PV programs. Catching up with the Germans and Japanese is after all the stated aim of Government policy in this area,” said Leggett.
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