Solar Cell Factory Planned in Nagasaki

Japan [] One of the Mitsubishi group’s core companies, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd., will be producing a new solar cell that can generate 1.5 times the amount of electricity than its previous model once the firm builds a new factory on its Nagasaki shipyard at a cost of 10 billion yen [USD $85 million]. According to Mitsubishi Heavy, the plant will be able to manufacture 270,000 cells annually, equivalent to 40,000 kW of electricity. Currently the firm’s existing factory produces 100,000 units of the conventional-type solar cell per year, equal to 10,000 kW of power. Mitsubishi Heavy plans to increase its annual solar cell-related sales to 15 billion yen from the current 3 billion yen in the 2008 business year through March 2009. Construction on the new facility is expected to begin this month, with the first shipment of a new solar cell model scheduled for April next year, said the company.
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