Solar Can Still Save You Money

Gas prices have fallen a staggering amount in the past few months, as a result fewer and fewer American’s are inundated with daily reminders of the down sides of fossil fuel dependence. It is an unfortunate fact that the rising price of crude oil has been a primary factor in convincing the general public of the worthiness of the pursuit for a clean renewable energy source as a long term solution to the various current economic and ecological issues stemming from a dependence on foreign fossil fuels. But despite the plunging price per gallon at the gas station it remains of the utmost importance that the general public realizes that not only does renewable energy offer a solution to the negative environmental issues caused by the burning of fossil fuels but also green technologies such as solar power can also do their part in keeping dollars in your wallet.

The initial install of a residential solar system is most often where a large percentage of the total cost of incorporating a solar system into your home will be spent. Due to this it has historically been primarily large business structures that have sought solar system installation. However, luckily in recent years due to various innovations in the actual manufacturing process of the solar panels and systems residential installation has become a much more accessible goal for the general public. Solar companies are popping up at an alarming rate offering professional, affordable solar panel installation to residences in most states across the country.

State governments have also begun to jump on the solar energy bandwagon by offering many financial incentives for those willing to install a system, such as a solar system, that puts less strain on the existing city electrical grid. These tax incentives vary from state to state where some states offer more attractive tax breaks than others and are intended to remove a portion of the financial burden created by installing sustainable or renewable energy systems. Incentives offered for solar system installations broken up by state can easily be online here.  

While the tax incentives offered on the actual installation of a solar panel system are certainly nice, the more attractive savings that people will notice are the yearly savings on your monthly electrical bills. As the newly installed solar panels convert the sun’s rays into electrical currents to be used by your home you are effectively pulling less energy from the local electrical grid maintained by the local governance, which no matter how you look at it works out to more dollars in your wallet. After the cost of installation, and of course depending on your states solar tax incentives, the average residential homeowner can save $600 a year by properly installing a solar panel system to their home. With these savings so easily accessible to the general public it is more prudent than ever for those with the opportunity and resources to install renewable energy systems to do so for the betterment of the environment, and to save a few dollars in the process. Just remember that whenever doing upgrades around the home that your hiring a professional when necessary, especially when you’re going to be working around power lines.

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