Solar Attic Waiting Out Climate

SolarAttic, scheduled to meet with large energy investors in New York on September 13, 2001, temporarily backed off expansion plans because of the events of that fateful week.

ELK RIVER, Minnesota – July 5, 2002 [] Expansion plans included the rollout of its new Renewable Energy technologies that reclaim solar heat from the attic and roof of homes and businesses. Following 9/11, investment and distribution opportunities fell apart and a cash flow crunch ensued. Many businesses were forced to shut down. However, SolarAttic’s founder chose to retreat and regroup for another day. Manufacturing continues on a more limited basis until expansion capital is secured. “Few people realize the depth of the alternative energy technologies now available,” said Ed Palmer, SolarAttic’s CEO. “Without a doubt in my mind, the declaration of an ‘Energy Independence Day’ goal by the U.S. would result in 50 percent less imported oil within a mere decade. I will continued working toward this energy independence and now await the resurgence of larger energy investors.” SolarAttic has patented Renewable Energy technology that recovers solar heat from attics. Attic heat can cut home heating costs 30 percent, domestic hot water heating costs 50 percent and even eliminate the costs associated with heating swimming pools.


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