Solar Array for New Jersey Medical Center

January 6, 2004 [] SolarWorks USA has just concluded negotiations to install an 85 kW Solar Electric System on a South Jersey Medical Center. This installation will feature over 450 of Sharp’s 140 watt rectangular and 70 watt triangular modules mounted on a hip roof. The system will produce over 95,000 kWh and offset the emissions of 40 cars for each year it operates. The medical center is taking advantage of recent New Jersey legislation that greatly improve the economics of solar photovoltaic installations. With rebates, federal tax credits and accelerated depreciation the system becomes essentially free of charge on a tax-cost basis, said SolarWorks USA CEO, Steve Masapollo. He added that most people are unaware of the benefits of a solar energy system that can be obtained through the current net-metering program.
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