Solar 2008 Showcases Progress in the Solar Industry

All types of solar energy, including photovoltaics (PV) and concentrating solar power (CSP), are set to become a bigger part of the overall energy mix, employ 8.5 million Americans and are gaining acceptance from consumers, according to the American Solar Energy Society (ASES).

The growth of solar energy in the last five years and how the industry will move into a future in an uncertain U.S. energy market are two of the topics being discussed at the Solar 2008 Conference in San Diego, California. According to ASES and many of the speakers at the conference, including Van Jones, President of Green for All and Craig Cornelius, Principal at Hudson Clean Energy Partners, the creation of training programs for green collar jobs will be vital to the success of solar and other renewable energy technologies.

Brad Collins, Executive Director of ASES labeled the conference a success and said that the solar community is up to the challenge of moving solar to the center of the energy landscape in the U.S. 

“One of the fundamental things we’ve seen is transition over the last couple of years where there are more and more players and there’s a greater sense of urgency among the people in the renewable energy community, the energy efficiency community and those that are engaged with the environment. They’d like to see change happen and they’d like to see it happen much much faster than it has,” Collins said. “So the bar is being set higher and higher. And I think the takeaway from this conference is that those people are going to go back to their communities and redoubling their efforts to help us transition to a sustainable energy economy even faster than we thought.”


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