Solar 101: Poor Investment? So…..

The PROBLEM: Fossil Fuels

This world is detiorating… Our wildlife is becoming more scarce and cities are taking over nature, but beyond it all, we are poisoning our planet and ourselves by burning fossill fuels. Its a time tested technology for sure, its cheap, easy to get ahold of, but its poisoning our lives in many ways. And we have not even discussed what happens when our supply of fossil fuel is empty. Experts best estimates have said that we have already used half of the worlds supply and with our fossil fuel usage growing exponentially we wont have to wait to long! The answer to our fossil fuel problem has been in front of us for a while now, it is actually quite disturbing to me that we are aware of the problems and the solution yet many of us have yet to lift a finger for change. 

The Solution:

Currently with all of the recent growth solar energy is the most viable replacement for fossil fuels. Because of recent technological advancements, solar panels are becoming more efficient, more adaptable, and less expensive. Solar energy can range from the way your build your house, heat your water, or generate electricity for your home. Solar energy requires no infrastructure, if you choose to adopt solar energy then you simply install panels connect it to your home and move on. We could cover America with solar panels very quickly. I beleive its time to make the switch, but the solar industry needs to make a couple changes. 

The solar industry has many outstanding products. These products create clean, reliable, suatainable energy. They will eventually pay for themselves, they increase the value of your home, and protect the health of our planets many ecosystems. The solar industry has gon about selling solar panels much like used car salesmen sell cars. They talk about the technology, they talk about environmental benefits, they speak to how good of an investment solar energy can be. Then the lie. Solar panels in their current state cannot and will not pay for themselves inside of ten years as many advertise. 

The Problem with the solution:

SOLAR ENERGY PRODUCTS ARE OUTSTANDING! They have so many benefits for everyone, but they are simply not a financial investment that you will profit from. WHO CARES? I know that I am not going to financially benefit from the purchase of any of the solar energy applications, but I still want one becuase of the many other benefits solar panels are able to deliver.

The Solution to that last problem:

The solution is to foster an environment where accountibility is king. I want to create a place where the average consumer can view comparable solar investments, a place that is not sugar coated with solar salesmen. I would like to hear from anyone who has ever purchased solar energy for your home, I would like to know a little bit about your experience, your investment, and if you would do it again.  I will dispell any solar myths, while attempting to create somewhere people can find the truth about solar. It is the time for change, especially now when an energy crisis looms.

For more information regarding solar panels please check out ecovized! An article of interest: What are solar panels? Will really breakdown solar energy and help you decided which solar option is best for you. 


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